I will continue striving to cultivate an ever deeper relationship with God and Guru, such as by following Self-Realization Fellowship to the best of my ability; by regularly practicing the Kriya Yoga meditation techniques at least twice daily and at least one longer meditation a week; by keeping the inner gaze and attention (as much as possible) at the spiritual eye (the point between the eyebrows); cultivating love for God in the heart and giving that love to all.

Welcome to the Sustergy website, founded by James Ray.

Sustergy is a portmanteau of sustainable energy, which is something that I, James, am interested in. Sustainable energy is part of a sustainable life. A perfectly sustainable life is a state of living that is sustainable—able to last for eternity. That state of living is both a journey and a goal, one and the same. Any thought or act that progresses towards a more sustainable life is good. It is my conviction that a perfectly sustainable life is one that is in a state of consciousness of ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new bliss. Sustainability is a very broad term. There are degrees of sustainability. Someone’s life or something may be extremely unsustainable, or extremely sustainable, or somewhere in between.

Here are some links to my profiles on various websites:

My engineering experience includes:

  • extensive research in sustainable energy innovation, some research is available here;
  • Sungrow (contractor, March 2016–present, part time, more than 90 days in total [as of 9/11/2016]): technical support / service representative;
  • Todae Solar (contractor, November 2015, 13 days): project assistance using Excel and nearmaps. It was a short term project. Recommendations are available on my LinkedIn profile;
  • Solar Energy Enterprises (contractor, 4 hours a week for several weeks in 2015 for product development): product development—researching products (a hybrid inverter, and solar and energy monitoring products ended up being sold as new products due to my findings); and providing sales assistance and technical support at an expo and as a doorknocker;
  • Solar Analytics (contractor, 15 days): operations, data monitoring, procurement, assembly and training;
  • Village Infrastructure (consultant pitching for funds for a contest for solar agroprocessing in developing countries. This was more of a project that took about a few days work.)

I have also worked as a tutor at TuWorks since 2012 until late 2016, including with engineering students.