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Sustainable water

With YMCA NSW Youth Parliament 2011 I worked with a team to develop a Sustainable Bottled Water Bill. I wrote most of the body of the report. It starts on p 81 of this document:

Youth Parliament Acts Bills Recommendations 2011

The bill proposed to ban bottled water and soft drinks sale. The opposing side of the team supported the idea of reducing bottled water consumption and sale, however disagreed with the ban. They wanted to have a tax or similar market measure on the bottles, which in hindsight may have been a better proposition. If bottled water was banned then a black market may arise, which has similarly happened in the past for bans on alcohol and smoking. Life cycle assessments (environmental, social, political and economic) could be done to measure the full value (or cost) of bottled water, and this could then be reflected in the price either directly, through a tax, or other market measure.


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