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Clarification on posts of submissions from my degree

Dear ones,

I want to clarify that the posts that I made yesterday were of submissions that I made for assessment tasks over the past four years of my engineering degree. The submissions are not necessarily High Distinction (HD) material (for readers who use a different grading system this is equivalent to the highest GPA range available–above 4.0–or summa cum laude) but I have nevertheless posted them to give something of an idea of my studies. If I have the time, I may go back and edit some of the submissions, particularly for my thesis. However, I also have more pressing priorities like looking for work. The first year or two of an engineering degree are more technically focused in areas such as maths, physics, chemistry, materials and computing. There were exceptions such as an engineering design course (ENGG1000) and an introduction to sustainable energy (SOLA1070).

Approaching the end of the degree, subjects are progressively at a higher level, e.g. economics, project management, policy, ethics, strategic leadership and writing an honours thesis. The honours thesis is probably the most important part of an engineering degree, and uses all the soft skills acquired over the course of the degree, plus some or all technical ones.

Take care,



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