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Sustainable water use

I have previously posted about using cold water instead of hot water. This post is an update on using water sustainably.

I recently purchased a tap flow aerator that has a flow rate of two (2) litres per minute. Two litres is about the most water efficient aerator that I could find online. I’ll post an update about the product once I receive it and use it.

Also, I have added containers to catch water in the bathroom sink. I already have containers in all the other sinks.

I have continued taking cold showers. However, I have modified my method a little. I use a shower scrubber to soak up the water, and then wet the body. This helps to avoid the cold shock by only putting on a little at a time. I also stand in a wide bucket to catch the water. When wet, I lather with soap, rinse and repeat if necessary.

I also bought a drip hose, which can be used to continuously water plants, without soaking them, and causing root root. This is useful for plants that don’t like soil that is too dry nor is too wet.

I’m going to stop using shampoo that makes my scalp dry and itchy, because all the natural oils get washed away. Soap seems to work pretty well, so I think I’ll continue using that. There are posts online about using baking soda to wash and vinegar to rinse (e.g. here, here, and here) but I am going fine with plain soap. Using baking soda and vinegar sounds more complicated, and costs more. So, as long as I continue to be fine with it, then I plan to continue using it.

However, there is a post online that discusses using hand crafted glycerin soap. That post points out that showering with cold water will also prevent the sebaceous oil on your scalp from washing off, as well as usefully instructing how to best wash hair with soap. The benefit of using pure soap apparently is that commercial soaps have a lot of harsh chemicals to create the lather, so this would be avoided. On the other hand, my skin doesn’t seem that sensitive, so I may not need to bother about using pure soap instead of commercial soaps. My hair is long, so it’d be useful for me to follow the tips given in the previous link. I might try pure soap bought at a supermarket or try making my own soap.


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