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Diver Profile #4 – Shane Fenwick


Shane Fenwick
What inspired you to try dumpster diving?

For me, there were a number of things that inspired me to undertake dumpster diving. One was the amount of people that I knew doing it, who were a part of intentional communities and were able to provide meals mostly from diving. If there is free nutritious food available; why not? Secondly – and I think more importantly – was the fact that we as a society are throwing away large amounts of food, whilst in many places of the world people are starving. If that isn’t mind boggling, then I don’t know what is! How can we sacrifice perfectly edible food, all for the sake of profit and presenting what is most pleasing to the consumer? For me, diving is a way of acting in resistance to a system which functions on these principles. And in doing say, we are able to…

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