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Diver Profile #5 – Stephanie Payne



What inspired you to try dumpster diving?

For some people, dumpster diving is an incredibly social thing. I heard about it through friends, they would spin stories of their ventures and, naturally, one becomes intrigued. I was invited along to some bins in Surry Hills and we pulled out onions, celery and flowers. That night we had the heartiest soup and several bouquets about the house. Dumpster diving is exciting, fun and immensely rewarding. However, what was initially just a series of adventures became a motivated ritual. Dumpster diving reveals the incredibly flawed system of food distribution and while this loophole exists for divers to put use to the vast quantity of usable and fresh (yes fresh!) food – I hope we’ll get to a point where they’ll be a more intelligent distribution of food and a more sustainable culture of consumption.

How do you avoid problems such as trespass…

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