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I got fined for jaywalking

Today I got fined for jaywalking! I was walking to Paddy’s Markets. Now, normally when I get to traffic lights I will give some attention to the lights, but more attention to what the traffic is actually doing. In this case, although the pedestrian lights were red, I saw a gap in the traffic. Now today, it happened that there was roadwork, and police were handling traffic. As it turned out, I didn’t recognise that they were police, and just thought that they were traffic controllers. So I wasn’t very wary of what I was doing.

So, I crossed, and had just got to the pedestrian island halfway, when a police officer ran up to me calling “Stop!”, and then brought me back after the lights went green. He seemed like he was in quite a huff. He then took down my details, repeating a few questions, like “what is your date of birth?” and “have you ever been in trouble with the police before?” He said that I would get a fine for jaywalking and disobeying police directions. (I was bewildered as to how I disobeyed directions, but I didn’t think it would help to contest that point).

I was tempted to say “traffic lights were made for man, not man for the traffic lights”, but I had a feeling that he wouldn’t be very receptive. When I get this fine in the mail, I will consider pressing charges. I wouldn’t have endangered my life or slowed down traffic by crossing. There was oncoming traffic, but I reached the pedestrian island without the traffic having to slow down for me to pass.

If I was to press charges, it would be on the onus of the crown to prove me guilty. I do not believe that they have sufficient evidence to fine me, but perhaps I am wrong. As someone who is currently seeking work that can provide a sustainable remunerative income, and is receiving government assistance, it hardly seems fair for the police to expect me to pay fines.

Dear reader, what is your opinion?


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