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Some interesting companies in the sustainable energy sector

During my search for employment, I have come across several interesting companies that have had work opportunities in sustainable energy engineering, including:

  • Greenspire (paid in Los Angles, provides solar energy and energy efficiency)
  • Village Infrastructure (ramen money [1], work in Vanuatu, help people in developing countries access sustainable energy)
  • Solar Analytics (modest stipend, provides monitoring for solar energy to help improve performance)
  • Green Global Solutions  (modest stipend, plus lead generating opportunities, no opportunities at present)
  • LG Electronics (unpaid, market research)
  • CRCC Asia (unpaid, plus need to pay for flights, accommodation, living expenses and program costs)
  • Big Switch Projects (no work opportunities at present)
  • Blue Green Engineering (no work opportunities in Sydney at present)
  • Autonomous Energy (was looking for casual solar installers)
  • Sunswift (unpaid, student volunteer-based, need to pay for flights and travel insurance)
  • Pollinate Energy (social enterprise offering ongoing volunteer trips to India to help startup entrepreneurs selling solar lighting system)
  • Sungevity (only telephone sales opportunities at present)

I have no vested interests in saying this.


[1]: Ramen profitability


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