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Sustainable property

Are you the owner of a property that is vacant, do you know someone who is, or would you like to help find such owners and vacant properties?

My name is James Ray and I have a business idea.

I’ll give you some context for the business value proposition. In the last census in 2011, there were over 112,000 homes that were vacant in Sydney. The waiting list for affordable housing is around five to ten years. There are many people who are living homeless. There are also many people who squat, and these people may or may not break the law by breaking and entering a property, or not leaving a property when asked to leave by the owner, a represenative of the owner, or the police. The property prices in Sydney have become extremely high, making it unaffordable for many, hence the homeless people and squatters.

Now, what if there is a feasible, economical, legal way of:
* reducing property prices (by reducing demand),
* reducing the number of people living a homeless lifestyle that is unsustainable (I am not saying that homelessness is altogether unsustainable, just that it in most, if not all cases, it is rough, making it less than ideal), and
* reducing the number of people who squat illegally
* increasing the profits of property owners, with the choice of not needed to do any renovations?

I think there is a way. The way that I propose is for vacant property owners to lease out their vacant properties to others. The rate would be variable, and would be influenced by factors such as:
* the duration of stay (the longer lessee’s can stay, the higher the value it is to them, and thus the higher the rate may be),
* the condition of the property, and
* the location of the property (e.g. proximity, inner city, suburbs, or a rural area, aspect, and prospect, amenities in the property and surrounds).


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