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Why I chose a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Here are my reasons for choosing a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini:

  • Good quality, but relatively cheap. I bought it from Android Enjoyed for $286.09, all costs included ($24 for shipping and handling);
  • I don’t think that I need a large screen;
  • Android is an open platform, so I can make my own apps. Conversely, Apple’s iOS software is proprietary, so it is difficult to write new apps;
  • I don’t think that I need a long battery life; and
  • The battery is replaceable, same with the micro-SD card for extra storage. Being able to replace components rather than a whole phone is a winning feature for me. This is also known as loose-fit. I also like having long-life, low environmental impact materials.

While there are some nice features of newer phones, e.g. curved screens (this is good for functionality not just aesthetics e.g. a closer fit to the mouth and ear; it’s harder for others to see what you are doing from different viewing angles; and more durability as it’s more difficult to break curved thin film than it is to break glass); faster processing; faster internet; mobile payment; and camera focus features; I think I’d prefer to save money and wait until these products depreciate in price.

I also used Google Shopping to find the cheapest deal available, as well as double-checking on Gumtree. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any used products for sale, to bring the price down further. I bought the device from, which is a direct-to-consumer internet retailer founded and owned in Australia.


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