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Powershop, 100% renewable online energy retailer

I saw an ad for this company on eBay, Powershop, which only provides 100% renewable electricity, is online, and claims to be transparent. I haven’t investigated their prices relative to other electricity deals on the market. From previous investigation on Energy Made Easy, I couldn’t prices for 100% renewable electricity plans that were cheaper than the cheapest standard electricity deal on the market. If that happens, renewable electricity supplied from the grid will become economical.

On Powershop’s website, they state:

Prices will change from time to time, but they will always stay competitive. We’re determined to save our customers money and our commitment is to always bring you some of Australia’s most competitive electricity deals. So regardless of what kind of plan you may be on with your current power company, most customers can save with Powershop, simply because of our low prices. By participating in our online shop, you can save even more.


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