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Gardening update

I went back to my last place of residence recently to put some things out for a kerbside collection that I no longer needed, and couldn’t manage to give away or sell. I found that many of my plants had grown food such as:

  • lots of tomatoes;
  • a bigger watermelon (compared to the last time I saw it, but still didn’t look quite big enough to harvest);
  • new sunflowers budding from the same plants that I had harvested prior sunflowers;
  • the camelia bush still looking healthy,
  • bigger banana plants;
  • many dead pumpkin plants, but still many more pumpkin plants alive and kicking (another cause of death of the pumpkin plants in addition to excessive heat and sun and potentially not enough water is being partly whippersnipped or mowed by hired men.
  • Many other plants that I am not fully sure what they are but can guess from the seeds I’ve planted, such as chia seed plants, linseed plants, plants with small green berry-size fruits (I planted lots of capsicum seeds, so I think they might be capsicum plants); and
  • I think the corn plants may have died, I can’t remember seeing them.
  • I’ve also planted many blueberry seeds, carrot tops, nuts, and pits from stone fruits, but these haven’t seemed to have sprouted. I kept the nuts and pits in the fridge for about 6-8 weeks.
  • I also had pineapple tops that were growing, however one of them that I saw didn’t seem to have grown, perhaps because it had been whippersnipped or mowed.
  • Apple seeds germinate well if you put them in a moist tissue, but I haven’t had success with them continuing to grow once the seeds are placed in the ground and covered with a little bit of soil (about the same thickness as the seed, which is a good rule of thumb for planting any seeds). The same thing has happened with mango seeds, avocado pits, and citrus seeds.
  • I have had had passionfruit vines growing in two of my former homes as a child. However, I haven’t been successful in getting the seeds to germinate by wrapping them in moist tissue paper and placing this in an airtight container in the fridge. One site suggests to buy passionfruits fresh, and stick the seeds in the ground as soon as possible.

As a summary, from my gardening experiences, it seems that plants that grow well in Sydney include tomatoes, sunflowers, watermelon, pumpkin, and bananas (they will fare better if they are not in a location that is too exposed, and has good, well-drained soil). Pineapple tops seem to grow well too, but you need to make sure that they stay in good contact with the soil, and watering regularly if needed will help.


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