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Update on my experience with Easy Home Business

I found out about the company called Easy Home Business three days ago (on the 17th of March) through an ad on Gumtree when I was looking for jobs. I’ve submitted a review request of the company on ScamXposer to find out whether their system works. After browsing the web page, I submitted my details at 4:40 PM for them to get in contact. I got a confirmation email at 4:40 PM, which also provided more information, here it is:

Easy Home Business first email

The next day (18th March) a man named Eddie Zieger, a Senior Client Adviser, called me at 2:52 PM. During our conversation he spoke about the individual success stories of others who started up businesses with them, earning six figure amounts within 2 years. Ed asked me some questions about my circumstances and my experience with eBay, then talked more about what they do. I explained that I’d recently finished my studies, and had about 10 grand in savings, but about 8 grand or more of that was given to me from my grandparent for things like saving for a mortgage deposit, so I probably only wanted to spend about $700 (he asked me how much I’d be prepared to spend for education). He said he’d email me providing more information (which he did at 3:30 PM, with two emails), and scheduled a time to chat at 10:15 AM the next day, once I had had a chance to read the information. Here are the emails:

Email 1:

Easy Home Business Eddie Zieger Email 1

Email 2:

Easy Home Business Eddie Zieger Email 2

I replied to the first email at 7:00 PM, thanking him and asking a question about sharing the education resources to start an online business selling on eBay over the Cloud, rather than by discs. I replied to the second email at 6:56 PM saying that I’d call him once I had had time to look over the information. Ed then called me at 7:17 PM .

Today Ed sent me a text at 12:06 PM touching base to see if we could have a chat. I then called him, and I asked him how much the costs involved are. After launching into a long spiel, he said that the costs were about $4000 (clarifying the exact price as something like $3799), and this was for education resources, the helpdesk, and mentoring.

He clarified that this was a double money back guarantee. I asked him what this meant, and he explained that the second part was that they give you your money back if you don’t get a return on investment. He said I could be earning $700 to $1000 per week. I asked him what a typical payback time was–he said about 30-60 days. After asking how long it might take if I did this full-time, he said those payback times were working part-time at 10-15 hours per week, and so I’d get a faster payback if I made a full-time effort.

All-in-all, the company seems legit., but I am still hesitant about putting $3799 on the line when I don’t know what I’m getting yet. I still need to read through all the information that I’ve been given in the emails. I’m inclined to try starting up an online selling business by myself, or failing that look at other alternative companies providing assistance at a lower cost.

He said he’d call me today at 2:30 PM, it is now 1:55 PM.


2 thoughts on “Update on my experience with Easy Home Business

    1. Thanks for your comment Ingrid. I decided pretty quickly that I wasn’t going to hand over any money to Easy Home Business. That was before reading any reviews of it. I guessed that it was as a scam when they asked me to pay $4000 without proving their value. Another way to find out about the company other than reviews or actually becoming a customer is to ask to work for them.


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