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Review on Aluminum Metal Water/Shock/Dust Proof Case For Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

I ordered an aluminum water/shock/dust-proof case for my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, however after using it for the first time today, I am not happy with it. The response to touch is slower, which makes the case impractical to use.

Update (30/3/2015): I tried using the phone with the case again today, and it seems to work fine. Perhaps it was not a problem with the interaction before, maybe it was due to a lag in the processing speed of the phone. It is a bit more difficult to pull down the menu at the top of the screen, because the case is slightly raised over the top of the screen. However, if it continues to work, I will continue to use it to protect the phone (particularly the screen) from damage (e.g. falls), water (e.g. accidentally leaving it in a pants pocket and putting the pants through the washing machine), dust, scratching, and smudging.

My screen got cracked between when I got the phone and when the case arrived. However, the cracks aren’t very visible.

This is the link for the product.



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