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Startups looking for talent

Would you like to grow your career; and be part of startups that can create more value for people with energy, food, and discarded materials?

About the business ideas

The agriculture business is about using underutilized land to grow value producing crops like food and oil, and returning value to landowners.

I have several business ideas in the energy sector, but they all have the common goal of maximising value to end-users of energy.

The waste management business is about making valuable discarded materials simpler to find, and would likely be more successful with an app and web software.

I want to develop an app to maximise value for retail consumers,  and I need help from a software developer or team for this.

I have ideas of how to monetize all of the business ideas that I think are sound, and have done some market analysis to find that there seems to be no existing market for an idea, or at least the business idea provides more value than competitor’s in the existing markets.

About the roles

I need people experienced in business development, software development (websites, apps), marketing, sales, design, UX, UI, management, and possibly more in the long-term future (e.g. bookkeeping, customer service, administration) to help develop business ideas into sustainable businesses.  If you are interested in applying for a position, please say “sustainable business development” in your submission to show that you have read this post.

I am looking for people to help me start startups. I can’t pay upfront at the moment as I have no risk capital. If people are able to help me raise funds then they can get paid as employees, otherwise they can be paid via equity in the company and/or commissions from revenue generated. If a contractor wants upfront payment, then I will need to get investor support. In any case, an NDA will need to be drafted and signed by any parties involved (investors and contractors).

Experience in the business areas / industry sectors mentioned above is helpful, but maybe not essential. The businesses are all in the very early stage of being just ideas, and I want to develop them into sustainable businesses. The earning potential of employees, contractors and investors is relative to the ability of employees and contractors to generate revenue for the business. Candidates don’t need to have knowledge or experience in all of the desired areas that help is sought, but the more knowledge and experience candidates have, the better.

I am not just looking for employees, but anyone who can contribute on any basis.

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to get in touch with me by email on


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