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Update on purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini from Android Enjoyed

I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini from Android Enjoyed on 18 February.

On the 2nd of March I contacted Android Enjoyed to let them know that they sent me the phone with documents in Italian, and a charger with two round pins (a European plug) instead of an Australian plug, and to ask for them to send an Australian plug.

They said they would expedite shipment of the missing item on March 3, after giving them supporting photos, and information.

On the 13th of March I was told (after I followed up to find the status of the delivery): “I am so sorry for the extended delivery time frame you experienced, as for now we had to wait for new stocks but rest assured we will expedite shipment once we have the new stocks. Your patience is highly appreciated. Thank you!”

Then after several more emails, today (the 9th of April) I was told: “As per advise [sic] by the administrator we supplied the original charger and international adaptor [sic] for your use, if you specifically want an Australian charger, we apologize that we cant [sic] pay for it.”

This is despite the fact that in the item description (which is still selling here, an image is also provided below) that their is no mention that the adapter is an EU plug, not an Australian one, even though the website is marketing to an Australian audience.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini specs

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini product description

I tried writing a review on their website, but it seems that the feature is simply there for show, and that I am not able to actually write a review, even when I am logged in.

Until Android Enjoyed is able to fix this up, and provide Australian chargers and documents in future, I would not recommend purchasing this product from them.


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