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House sitting

I’ve had an ad on Gumtree to express an interest in being a house sitter since 6/1/2015. Since then, it has had 194 visits, 2 replies, and 4 visits of my website. Of the two replies, both of them were to do with finding a place to house-sit. The latest reply asked me how I was going with the ad–whether I’d managed to find a place to house sit. The person who sent the message wrote: “I would like to know if it’s easy to find house sitting on Gumtree or I have to pay money on those webpages that help you to find people.” This was precisely my motivation for posting the ad, and has rekindled the motivation to find a place to house-sit.

To me, it seemed absurd to pay people to help me find a place to house sit, when I could simply post an ad for free on Gumtree–a seemingly high-traffic site. Well, I am yet to find a place yet. However, it is only today that I updated the ad. My circumstances now put me in better stead to be a house-sitter, than my circumstances when I posted the ad 4 months ago. Now, I am more flexible with my time, working as a casual/part-time tutor, and doing casual gardening and cleaning jobs. When I posted the ad, I had accepted a position as a full-time engineering intern with Solar Analytics, paying a “modest stipend”, as they called it, of $1000 per month. However, that position lasted for three weeks, being terminated because of mistakes that I made, principally with safety and not getting a task done on time.

I went on today to Google house-sitting. The first two pages to show in my search were from the familiar Aussie House Sitters, followed by the again familiar Trusted House Sitters for the fifth and sixth pages, and similar sites. I also opened the third page that was “In the News”–an article on house sitting by SBS.

I am going to wait for a while to see how my updated ad goes, then if I get no response I shall take a risk and register with one house sitting site–Aussie House sitters. It costs 65 AUD to register. Compare that to how much I pay for the rent at the moment–$185 all bills included–and that is at the cheap end of the range with a large, well-furnished room, ensuite, in a townhouse with a nice flatmate. Let’s see how I go.

If I do end up finding a place to house sit, I’ll probably need to get rid of more belongings (I got rid of stuff last time I moved), especially if I have difficulty fitting it all into a car.


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