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My change to veganism without consciously choosing to be a vegan

In the pursuit of health and sustainability, I have adopted a diet that is a vegan one, or close to it. I cut out meat from my diet at around the age of 16-18. Within the past 6 months, I have stopped consuming wheat, followed by dairy, followed by eggs. Cutting wheat and dairy were motivated by health, but dairy was motivated more by the slaughter of calves. Eggs were motivated by the belief that food can be produced more sustainably from plants than from animals.


3 thoughts on “My change to veganism without consciously choosing to be a vegan

    1. Hi Bageshri,

      I wrote out a reply, but it was deleted.

      I still eat some carbs such as pumpkin, potatoes, and corn. I also eat rice occasionally, but it tends to act as a laxative for me, and can leave excreted matter looking undigested with grains appearing to be visible.

      I eat fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. For vegetables, I make sure I have less or no vegetables with a low nutrient content, such as onions and lettuce, and lots of dark leafy greens, such as kale, spinach, cauliflower leaves, and bok choy, which have good levels of vitamin C, iron. Kale and cauliflower have pretty good levels of calcium. Sesame seeds, and IIRC sunflower seeds, also have high calcium levels.

      I occasionally have eggs, if I get them out of a dumpster and would’ve been wasted any way. I get most of my food from dumpsters at Paddy’s Markets now, with the exception of getting most of my nuts and seeds from a store there. I have gotten stuff from dumpsters at other places such as Aldi and Woolworths in Chatswood, but they are inaccessible now. A security man asked me to stop taking stuff out of the dumpster at Paddy’s today, and said it was OK to come after 6.

      I’m now planning on finding a place to stay closer to Surry Hills, so that it is more convenient to get to Paddy’s Markets and Self-Realization Fellowship Sydney Centre. (I currently live in Artarmon). I’m leaning towards squatting at the moment. If that fails, then I’ve got other options: house-sitting, renting (shared house or private), or buying property through a mortgage or upfront.

      A mortgage isn’t feasible at the moment as I probably don’t have enough of a strong career history to qualify, and also because my circumstances could change to make it not feasible to pay off a mortgage (e.g. living in an ashram). I’ve had an ad on Gumtree for a few months expressing an interest in being a house-sitter, but no house-sitting opportunities have arisen from that. There are also house-sitting websites, where the would-be house-sitter pays a yearly fee of around $50-$65 typically to advertise and be able to contact home owners who are looking for a house sitter, and who can put up ads for free. I prefer squatting, as I think it would have less obligations, and there seems to be no shortage of vacancies in Sydney (the last official count was around 122,000 IIRC).

      When I had a blood test about six weeks ago the results were good. The doctor didn’t make any suggestions to change my diet, other than to eat more, as I am a little underweight. I’m about 178 cm tall, and when I weighed myself last time I went in to make a blood donation, I was 57.4 kg. That makes my BMI=57.4^2/178~=18.5. The “normal” BMI range for an adult male is 20-25.

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      1. Thanks James, for sharing the food info, I’m gonna try avoiding dairy products where possible too. I’ll reply to the rest in a separate message.


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