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Seeking career direction advice

Lately I have been wondering about what I can best do in my career. I finished studying renewable energy engineering at the University of New South Wales last November. Since then, I have worked in various positions, such as tutoring and gardening. At the moment, I am earning enough to pay for the rent plus significantly more on top. My last earnings for 20 May – 2 Jun was $632.50 IIRC. If I keep this income up then soon enough I will stop receiving Centrelink benefits.

I’m wondering how I can best use the extra time that I have for working. There are a few options that come to mind:

  • seek employment locally or overseas. Seeking employment overseas is more difficult as it typically requires visa sponsorship. In the case of non-English speaking countries, I’d need to learn the official language to work in the relevant country;
  • volunteer to get experience;
  • Start up my own business. I’ve already done this with tutoring and gardening. I’d like to be involved with a sustainable energy business that provides a full suite of products and services available on the market, as well as doing R&D for products that are not yet available or in the R&D stage.
  • Invest; and
  • learn new skills.

Please tell me what your thoughts are.


One thought on “Seeking career direction advice

  1. Hi James, I’ve also been thinking what to do in life to

    I think it’s different for each person based on what their goals are and I don’t have any “advice” as such… But here’s what I think I should do for myself if this is of any benefit to you (your post made me write down my thoughts, so thank you!),

    – identify duties and priorities in life (spiritual, personal, family, social, professional, financial, sustainable future life…) and based on that determine how much time to devote to each of those priorities
    – identify or try out work options based on priorities + strengths/ interests
    – learn new skills/adapt to get into a job that feels right… Whether it be working for an employer or being self employed. I guess for you this choice depends on what you’d like to do with the businesses you own too as you might not be able to work full time elsewhere in parallel
    – then juggle the priories to keep the balance πŸ˜‰
    – go with the flow – I am learning to be flexible with all my plans as life often seems to have a plan of its own and maybe it’s good to go with what life brings at times! (I didn’t know I was going to be permanently moving to Australia and I still struggle to understand how it all happened!) I just came across this –

    And looking at life with a spiritual focus definitely makes it all so much easier for me… So I remind myself of focusing on trying to know the Reality rather than seeking it in the wrong places… And I pray that I keep brining my mind back to this.

    Hope this helps and all the best πŸ™‚

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