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Libspill, 9/11, mutual capitalism and progress

It’s funny that I checked NewsPoll earlier today (which I rarely do) before the news came out about the Liberal Party leadership ballot between Abbott and Turnbull, then that Turnbull had won the ballot to become the fourth Prime Minister since 2013. After some reflection, I think I looked up Newspoll because I saw some mention of the by-election on Google search results.

I  also remember waking up early in the morning and turning the TV on (which I rarely do) to watch the 9/11 news. As far as I can remember, there wasn’t anything other than an impulse to do that.

It’s good to see a more progressive leader for Australia. It’s crazy that we have a political system with so much change, but I guess the world is also changing quickly too. Ideally it would be good to live in a society where we have more autonomy over our lives, and less influence from forces that could act adversely.

Today I also revisited this economic model of mutual capitalism, which looks better than the economic system we live in today. Whether it will work in practice remains to be seen, and we can only find out through experimentation. That said, I believe that true happiness does not lie principally in external comforts such as a good economy, society and environment, but in the interior life.  However, a wholesome outer environment is more conducive to a wholesome inner environment.  Nevertheless, if a wholesome inner environment isn’t cultivated even in a good environment, then there is no peace for that individual.

While Turnbull seems more likely to be a better leader than Abbott in most respects, there is probably only so much he can do within the constraints of his party and the current democratic private capitalist economy.



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