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My brother has travelled to Europe. I have decided to share his experiences since he has been volunteering on a Greek island, helping refugees.

5/10/2015 8:11

Hey guys!

Mum asked me if I could give her a travel update so I thought I’d tag you all in.

My trip so far has been excellent. Went to Sarajevo, before going into Montenegro for some hiking. Then went coastal to Kotor where I met up with my friend Clo.
We went to some beach towns then crossed into Albania where we met up with my friend Alex to spend 5 days in the capital Tirana. We then went into Macedonia and visited Lake Ohrid, then their capital Skopje before busing to Istanbul. We couchsurfed there with some great people for about 5 days, then went to Chesme before crossing into Chios, Greece. We’re now on the Greek island of Lesvos.

There are a lot of refugees here coming through Turkey to Greece to seek asylum in the EU. There are about 15 boats arriving per day but they are not very sea worthy. There is very little infrastructure or official organisations to help people when they arrive but there are some really good people volunteering.

I think we will stay here for a week or so to help out. There’s a lot that can be done. I’m flying home from Paris on the 21/10. Was originally planning on going through Athens then working through Italy but there will be less time for that depending on how long I decide to stay in Lesvos.

I’ll keep you updated!

All the best, Jason

5/10/2015 21:43

We have started a crowdfunder to receive donations. Please consider giving some money and asking other friends and family.

The situation here is quite urgent and many people are going days without food while they wait to be processed.


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