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Electrical apprentice career pivot

Demand for renewable energy  graduates seems to be pretty low, so I’m considering further occupational training. My career options now include:

  • Continue doing sporadic jobs as a tutor and gardener;
  • Consulting to energy retailer companies to develop and implement products;
  • Continuing to look for engineering work, and in the event that applications are turned down, offering to work unpaid;
  • Working in any job, e.g. marketing, sales, administration, or retail;
  • Doing an electrical apprenticeship;
  • Doing educational courses on sites like Coursera, e.g. with project management or programming skills;
  • Doing another undergraduate degree like commerce.

When I graduate I’ll be able to do postgraduate courses, e.g. an MBA. An MBA would be useful for consulting work, e.g. with Energeia or multinational consulting companies.

At the moment I think I’ll keep up with the tutoring, gardening, consulting, and looking for engineering work. I’m undecided about the other options.


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