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Why invest in Enova Community Energy

With all the innovation in sustainable energy technologies, it is hard to know which technology is best. There are existing, mature technologies such as non-concentrating, flat plate solar photovoltaics, and wind turbines. There are also many innovative technologies. To name a few innovative technologies that I think have game-changing potential, there is Raygen; Reposit Power; and advanced photovoltaics such as more than 40% efficient solar developed by UNSW. There are also a lot of technologies that are still at a research and development stage and may not be commercially viable yet, yet may be ground-breaking, such as innovative wind energy such as Google X’s Makani Power and Vortex Bladeless; innovative solar such as DyeSol, underwater solar cells that create solar fuel; and hydrogen fuel technologies.

Because it is hard to know which technology is best, it is helpful to have an organisation that is flexible and nimble, and can purchase power from different energy sources, and sell it to customers. Enova Community Energy is the only community owned energy retailer in Australia that is best suited for this purpose. The core aim of the business is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This aim is written into their constitution. They aim to only sell 100% renewable energy by purchasing large scale certificates (LGCs) for renewable energy, which lets them purchase green power from renewable accredited generators, and sell it to customers.

Enova have a share offer which closes on the 17th of December 2015. More information about the company and the share offer can be found in their prospectus.

If you have $1000 or multiples thereof of risk capital (capital which you don’t need in order to survive, e.g. with paying for food, accommodation, or other needs), then I suggest that you consider purchasing Enova shares. If you know someone who is in this situation, then I suggest that you encourage them to purchase shares.

I have not purchased shares yet. I have about $20k of cash in the bank. I’d prefer to save this for a mortgage. I may decide to purchase one or more shares before the closing date.


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