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Lead generators in Melbourne


Why work as a lead generator with The Solar Company?

  • we hope that you will agree that helping people to save money and the environment is a wonderful thing;
  • generous payment structure through a retainer and commission incentives for verified leads and sales (details below)
  • uncapped earning potential
  • potential for career growth into a team leader, business development management or sales role;
  • work as a door to door lead generator with a solar company that is close to you–which is a rare opportunity;
  • avoid losing time to develop your career and generate income;
  • develop into an authority, a go-to expert for advice in the solar industry; and
  • develop your ability to communicate with people.

Bluestream Australia is looking to hire Appointment Setters for The Solar Company, to set up solar installations in the Melbourne Area. This role is ideal for ambitious and hardworking individuals looking to work in Australia with the opportunity for sponsorship. If you are good with people, and a career oriented confident individual with a passion for the solar industry, we want to hear from you.


As a lead generator in a team, responsibilties are:

  • driven out as a team to a territory where you are paired with another team member;
  • door knock to set appointments for a Senior Solar Energy Consultant who will then close the sale on the day; and
  • update all door knock interactions live onto a tablet that we will provide.


You may also generate leads in other, potentially more independent ways.

What we are looking for:

  •  outgoing and confident individual that isn’t afraid of rejection;
  • impeccable English—both speaking, reading and writing;
  • physically fit & happy to be spending between 7-8 hours a day walking;
  • well-presented and smart appearance;
  • door knocking experience desirable but not essential; and
  • must be willing and able to work in a full-time position for the long-term.

Preferred experience:

  •   minimum 1 year sales or customer service experience;
  • door to door sales experience; and
  • renewable industry experience.

Appointment Setter Job Description


  • $350 per week as a retainer (paid each week regardless of sales converted from appointments)
  • $100 per completed sale
  • $150 bonus for every third sale completed in one week.
  • The average sales person is making $1000 per week.


Door to Door appointment setting


Flexible hours from Monday to Saturday, 11 AM to 7 PM

As contractors, candidates are allowed to decline shifts at any time.


This is flexible and negotiable. Options include:

  • You could work from home doing appointment setting over the phone and internet. However, many people in the solar industry prefer doorknocking, as they have found it to be more successful.
  • You could work independently by going to your own areas, and organising your own transport.
  • Alternatively, each contractor may be given a location near a train or bus route to meet each morning. They may have the option to be given a lift to and from the nearest bus stop to where they will door-knock.
  • workshop or meeting at the office before being driven out to the appointment setting area.
  • Candidates are welcome to drive straight to the appointment setting area in which the main team is working in, however they will need to communicate with the team leader to plan where they will be door-knocking.

You may want to familiarize yourself with the art of persuasion, so that you can get off to a flying start in the role. There are several sources of information, such as:


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