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After looking at some articles on greenhouse gas emissions per passenger kilometre for different transport modes in different locations, it seems that the information is outdated, and that current comprehensive research needs to be undertaken to better inform public policy and traveller decision making. Based on what I’ve read, it seems like it may be more sustainable to ride a motorbike, compared to public transportation or using a car. Riding a bike, walking, or other human powered methods of locomotion may be more environmentally sustainable, but for long distances they are not economically sustainable. Riding a motorbike, however, has a high risk factor.
With increasing passenger density and renewable energy in the grid electricity mix, public transport (rail and electric vehicles for the latter) has the potential to be more environmentally sustainable. With increasing frequency, routes, and options, public transport has the potential to be faster. Compared to road transport, rail offers more reliability, since trip times are not affected by congestion. Public transport is also more efficient and productive, requiring only one driver for a bus of up to around 50 people and a train crew and station staff for up to 1000 people. Public transport passengers could use travel time to relax. If WiFi was on PT, people could learn or work online, leading to economic benefits.
Autonomous electric taxis (AETs) could be used in tandem with public transport to optimize speed, cost, and sustainability (with electricity from renewable sources). AETs could be used at the endpoint of a journey where other transport modes would be less attractive.


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