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Sungrow solar inverters and hybrid inverters

I work as a customer service (technical support) representative for Sungrow. Sungrow provides good quality products at a good value.

They provide a hybrid ready inverter (which is what I would get if I was getting a solar system), that allows you to get a solar system without batteries now, but be able to add-on batteries later without needing to buy extra expensive components. As far as I know, there is only one other company that sells hybrid ready inverters, and they have not been operating for as long as Sungrow, so it is harder to tell whether their products are reliable. Sungrow is an established global solar inverter equipment supplier, based in China. They have an office in Milsons Pt, where I work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Other companies may sell a hybrid system where you have to buy the batteries with the inverter. Others may have an add-on product that makes a grid-connected system compatible with batteries, but this tends to cost a few thousand dollars (the last prices that I recall are about $5000 with SMA and $6000 with ABB).

There is a drawback to buying hybrid inverters, which is that as far as I know, there are no standards in force for hybrid systems. (Hybrid here means a solar system with batteries). So for safety, reliability, quality, and other factors, you have to rely on the claims of manufacturers, distributors, installers, retailers, and customer and expert reviews.

Sungrow also provides excellent customer service, which I have experienced first-hand. We honour our warranties quickly and fairly, with extensions on warranties available.

A recent (last year) Sungrow review is available here.


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