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Schneider Electric's Ecoblade

At $500/kWh delivered, Schneider Electric’s EcoBlade enters 2016 as the most cost-effective battery solution, coming from a huge multinational. This could change the landscape dramatically, put cost pressure on the competitors, and truly broaden the market.

There is no information on battery chemistry for the Ecoblade that I can find. Different battery chemistries tend to correlate with different levels of economic viability and indicators such as levelised cost of electricity, which is why I have commented on the battery chemistry in previous articles. Of course, there are other factors that influence cost, such as economies of scale, however battery chemistry is arguably the most important fundamental cost influence. LiFePO4/LFP/Lithium Ferrous Phosphate batteries seem to be more economical that Lithium Cobalt batteries. Tesla uses Lithium Manganese Cobalt. Other battery storage vendors claim to have more economically viable solutions than Tesla (which has received the most attention), such as Solar Phi, and Schneider Electric. For some vendors, I have not seen what claims they have about relative economic viability vis-á-vis competitors, solar only, and grid power only.

Source: Schneider Electric Promising Battery At Lower Cost Than Tesla – Forbes



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