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Ending work at Woolworths

I terminated my position with Woolworths to free up time for education and job seeking that are more relevant to an engineering role. My contract has a one week notice period, which makes my last shift next Wednesday. Other reasons for dropping the position include:
– I don’t need the money to survive, as I work 3 days per week at Sungrow, plus tutoring; and
– I had inflexible shifts from 0800-1200 Monday, 0700-1100 Wednesday, and 0600-1000 Saturday. The early starts often caused me to not meditate for long in the morning, and disrupted my routine.
– I don’t need the exercise as I can get it in other ways such as cycling more instead of using public transport; and using the outdoor gyms, running, and swimming at Prince Alfred Park. I could even take my surfboard to the beach occassionally!
– 12 hours per week that I don’t have to listen to music or banter that makes it harder to keep my attention at the point between the eyebrows.


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