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Where will every human on Earth today be in 200 years?

When I die, if my consciousness has only an external awareness of my body during the waking state, and limited or no awareness of anything independent from sense perceptions, then my consciousness after death will probably the same. Therefore it is important to try and find some state of consciousness that I can take with me when I die, that is not dependent on the body (being awake, dreaming, or in deep sleep).

Of course it is important to survive. But not all of my time should be spent in trying to acquire wealth. There needs to be balance between activity that is guided by moral and spiritual principles, and meditation, where I can attune my mind and consciousness with a higher spiritual state of bliss and calmness, then do my best to maintain that state at all times.

Some saints in India meditate in graveyards or burning ghats to remind themselves of the transitoriness of mortal existence. Perhaps I should have a photo on the bottom of my wall in my room of a skeleton, as may be seen in some cathedrals.


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