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Moving soon

I’ll probably be leaving on or after the 26th or the 30th when another room becomes vacant in a place where I’m told that flatmates won’t come home drunk regularly at 3 am irrespective of the day of the week and wake me up with the noise they make (e.g. talking, sometimes shouting, laughing, TV blaring). Then when I try to talk to them about it I can’t even do so.

Then when I bang on the wall several times he doesn’t reduce the volume so that I can’t hear it. Then when I open the kitchen door try to talk to him he closes his.

I have sent the landlord and the housemate this message.

I have already knocked on the wall, banged on the wall, and yelled at him (through the wall) in past instances. I have notified the landlord, who said that he’d talk to him.

Update: I have not moved yet (as of August 23rd 2016) as I have not found a better deal.


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