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Brexit – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It’s hard to see how the UK leaving the EU would have a net benefit for Britain, the EU, and the world. Indeed, the progress of the EU points towards greater economic and political cooperation between all nations of the world, with freedom of movement of people, good, services, and capital.

In late July 2016, discussions were underway that might provide the UK with an exemption from the EU rules on refugees’ freedom of movement for up to seven years. Senior UK government sources confirmed to The Observer that this was “certainly one of the ideas now on the table”.[95] If the discussions led to an agreement, the UK – though not an EU member – would also retain access to the single market but would be required to pay a significant annual contribution to the EU. According to The Daily Telegraph the news of this possibility caused a rift in the Conservative Party: “Tory MPs have reacted with fury …. [accusing European leaders of] … failing to accept the public’s decision to sever ties with the 28-member bloc last month.”[96]


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