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Public holiday

It took me 20 minutes to get to work this morning, with much less traffic than usual going through the CBD… and 20 minutes to go straight back. I should’ve stopped to check that it is a public holiday.

It didn’t help that I spoke to someone from Victoria (which doesn’t have a public holiday today) at my bank, ME bank, who said that I could pick up an express money order on Monday after I leave work early, due to losing my debit card (which a new one will be posted). I also told my landlord that I couldn’t get cash out to pay the rent (he will only take cash, no bank transfers) until today, after I finished work, and told my flatmate the same thing.

Update: a couple of minutes after writing this post, I found my debit card! Now I just need to remove the temporary stop on it.

I called ME Bank, but alas, the card has now been cancelled, so I still have to pick up the express money order and get a new card. I spoke to a representative who said the card would have a temporary stop on it, but it must’ve been permanently cancelled by the next staff member that I spoke to to arrange the money order.


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