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Nut and seed butter

This cashew butter is smooth, creamy, and very tasty.

While the pepita butter looks green and slimy, I can assure that it tastes delicious with no accompaniments. That’s pepita butter made only from pepitas or pumpkin seeds. It’s creamier than peanut butter that I have bought at supermarkets!

I had just taken the above sunflower seed butter out of the fridge, so it’s a bit more viscous than it would otherwise be at room temperature. As you can see, it’s still pretty creamy!

Almond butter is poured straight out of the food processor.

As you can tell from my housemates comments, this linseed butter may not be popular with everyone! It is quite sticky, sticking to the mouth. By contrast, the cashew butter is sweet.

This peanut butter was made from roasted peanuts with the skins.

More smooth, creamy, delicious and nutritious nut and seed butters will be listed soon, e.g. butter from peanuts, almonds, sesame seeds (tahini), brazil nuts, pecans, walnuts, macadamias, hazelnuts, pistachios, poppy seeds (be careful about getting an opium overdose!); roasted, salted, and flavoured nut and seed butters; and mixtures of nut and seed butters.

I use a Cuisinart 14 cup food processor (DFP-14N) to make my nut butter. I do several runs on the machine to get it to the consistency shown above, stopping it on each run when it starts to get warm. You have to scrape the nuts off the walls occasionally. I suggest to not use the provided plastic scraper, but to use a metal scraper instead, and still avoid making contact with the scraper with the cutting edge of the blades to reduce blunting it. It’s probably more economical (especially with postage costs) to just buy the processor and doing it yourself. Otherwise the labour is probably too expensive. Scaling up the process to manufacturing may not be a viable business model as there may be insufficient demand. I decided to get the food processor for nut butter making (in addition to chopping vegetables)  so that I wouldn’t need to buy store bought but butter, which is either expensive, or unhealthy due to added sugar, salt, and oil, or doesn’t have as much variety compared to buying any nuts or seeds and making them into a butter.


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