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Solutions for people in poverty


  • homeless people or people in poverty have lack of access to needs, e.g. shelter, thermal comfort, water, food, clean clothes and sanitation, internet, education and communication.


  • have more housing solutions, e.g. sleep pods as implemented in Japan (see here for more information about that); micro-homes (mini houses on or not on wheels or micro-units, FMI see here);
  • thermal comfort solutions can be coupled with housing solutions;
  • water: more public clean water stations;
  • food: public fridges like what’s been implemented in Germany (see here for more information)
  • public showers, toilets and laundry (it could even be on wheels, FMI see here);
  • public WiFi access (this is already available e.g. in internet cafes, libraries, but could be more available, e.g. on public transport).
  • education: in addition to universities, there are many online learning sites available, e.g. Coursera, EdX, Open Learning, Khan Academy and Lynda.

Sure, people could argue, homeless people or people in poverty just need to work harder, but sometimes it is not easy to get a job.

Who is going to pay for these solutions? Higher taxes on corporates and high net worth individuals could pay for some of these things.


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