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The Best Apps and Services for Learning to Code

We’ve reviewed the best ways you (or your kids) can learn the critical skill of programming, no matter how much time or money you have to spend.

Source: The Best Apps and Services for Learning to Code


2 thoughts on “The Best Apps and Services for Learning to Code

  1. not sure what the point of learning to code is, if the techcrunch article is to be taken seriously.

    most people (from teachers to bloggers to students) that think coding isnt a form of literacy go on to talk about why the industry is fine without people learning it. but its what everyday people gain from the experience that makes it a form of literacy– that has nothing to do with industry at all.

    then it goes on to say: “only in the right context, and only for the type of person willing to put in the necessary blood, sweat and tears to succeed.”

    no. it doesnt take blood, swear and tears to get the literacy benefits of coding until you try to enter the industry. it takes a simple willingness to learn something– in that sense, its easier than learning to read. an “hour of reading” could never touch an hour of code, could it? but give code an hour or a few, and you will understand computers better than you ever have.

    you may not even realize that you understand computers better than ever– but you will, and regardless of what field you go into, understanding computers (basic literacy, not application use) is necessary to make informed decisions as a consumer or citizen. what you do for a living is beside the point– of course it may help there, too.


    1. Thanks for your comments. You make a good point. I guess maybe a key point the Techcrunch article makes is that learning code shouldn’t be an end in itself, you should have (a) reason(s) to learn it, e.g. to solve a problem that you have in mind, get a job, increase problem solving skills or better understand how computers work. For me, I’m currently learning C++ on, as I want to get a better idea of how local electricity trading works with Ethereum, and potentially work in that area. More generally, I can use C++ to work as a freelancer or in a corporate or startup job.

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