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the robot hypnotist


the robot hypnotist

chapter 1: input and output

officebot 5000 was feeling tired and sluggish. though he worked very hard, he just didnt care for his old routines. he heard there was someone who could help.

“try the robot hypnotist,” his friend the fax machine had suggested; “its better than getting defragmented!”

officebot thought about it, and finally decided to go see the hypnotist.

“hello, officebot. what seems to be the problem?”

officebot complained that he was feeling slow, run down, and tired of running the same programs that left him feeling bloated. “sometimes i just want to go back to dos,” he said.

“i understand what you mean,” the hypnotist told him, “let me try to give you a suggestion.”

“what do you suggest?” officebot replied.

“no, no, i mean youre feeling sleepy,” said the hypnotist.

officebot went into sleep mode.

after looking around for a computer keyboard, the…

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