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wp-image-169349650jpg.jpegI had a pumpkin plant that was going very well up until last weekend. I set up a hose to trickle the plant (as I don’t have time to water the vine during weekdays) by placing the hose along the vine, puncturing the hose with a needle where it was lying with the vine and placing a sprayer at the end that will only release the glue when a trigger is pressed. Unfortunately this setup did not last long. Someone cut the hose (possibly because it was going across the road to the plot of land opposite to my house), and also cut the vine, probably accidentally leaving only part of two vines (which you can see are still standing in the photo). If I had to guess I’d say it was my landlord, a neighbour who looked annoyed when he saw me setting it up, or a tenant or landlord in the apartment adjacent to the plot of land. Later, someone also took the sprayer. They may have also cut the plant then. I would be surprised if it was the council as they should’ve given some kind of notice or fine.

Ah, the injustices of the world!

There’s also two pineapple plants that are slowly growing, as well as some seedlings. One of them looks like a macadamia seedling. I planted a few macadamia nuts (still in the shell but not the hull).

And yes, that photo shows my scooter. It has been sitting there for months since I bought it in July and stopped working not long after that.


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