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How to disincentivise urban sprawl

Investigate ways to discourage investors from buying land or property on the fringe of suburbia and the wilderness. Such investors may do this, betting that development will continue horizontally out, rather than vertically up. Because urban sprawl is not sustainable, there needs to be better governance (I say governance rather than saying governments should do this because Decentralized Autonomous Organizations [DAOs] may displace nation-states) to disincentivize urban sprawl and wilderness greenfield development. In order to disincentivize urban sprawl, developers need to be incentivized to develop upwards, rather than outwards. Workers need to be incentivized to live close to work. Ideally, people also need to be considerate of the impact of having children, particularly more than two, which will lead to population growth. I am unconvinced that humanity is living with the carrying capacity of the environment now, or even 30 years ago, let alone the 9 billion or so people that is typically projected in 2050.

Because population growth rates in developing countries is higher, much more effort needs to be spent on education in such countries (not just sexual education, but also education in meditation, spiritual living, and schooling from primary through to tertiary, as well as vocational training. Not only education of children but also of adults, perhaps part-time while they work), which will in turn lead to better living standards, and less chance that they will have too many kids as a safety net to support themselves.

I conject that population control (not through force or coercion) is more important than managing climate change, or other issues/crises that we face.

Above all, as Paramahansa Yogananda has emphasised many times, more attention should be given to spiritual education, which should ideally start at a young age. He did not mean education about particular religious faiths or doctrines, but on how-to-live, e.g. meditation and moral living. Education and living should be all-rounded, encompassing physical, mental and spiritual development, not overly unbalanced towards any one facet.


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