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Mrinalini Mata passes

I had finished chanting last night, and glanced at the blurb of Light the Lamp. I felt an urge to read about Master’s In Memoriam. I felt so uplifted after reading it and had a wonderful meditation last night and recently.

Then this morning, I got a text from a devotee informing that Sri Mrinalini Mata had passed away. I went to the SRF website and checked their news, and read this:,1931–_August_3,_2017).aspx

I remember praying to Mrinalini Mata for guidance on several occassions, and have certainly felt her response. It is solace to me that she, like other advanced souls, will continue to guide devotees on the path of Self-realization.

I became interested in SRF teachings not long after Sri Daya Mata passed away. I also felt an upliftment when Brother Anandamoy died.


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