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The negawatt and “walled gardens” | Grant Young | Pulse | LinkedIn

This is the third in a series of posts (Part 1, Part 2) exploring how automated devices that produce energy efficiency outcomes can integrate with

Source: The negawatt and “walled gardens” | Grant Young | Pulse | LinkedIn

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Why buy ETH and how

Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain cryptocurrency and platform for “building [and using] unstoppable applications”. Let’s breakdown what those terms mean, or at at least my understanding of them. Decentralized technology is not subject to the whims of a central authority such as a government or server administrator (like Google or Facebook) which can help to achieve better decision making for public good. Blockchain means that the currency is built and secured by adding and verifying blocks of transactions to blocks made previously. Cryptocurrency refers to cryptographic code used to secure transactions with a digital currency. Zero knowledge proofs can also be used to make cryptocurrency transactions completely private or secret, such as the Zerocoin protocol which is demonstrated by Zcoin (which plans to integrate Ethereum).

  • The platform part of Ethereum makes it much more useful than just a cryptocurrency. With it, you can create any decentralized application (known as a dapp, which works over a peer-to- peer network rather than a centralized client-server network), so the functionality is only limited by what programs could potentially do and not do, and by consequence, what programmers develop. One kind of application that is particularly intriguing is decentralized autononous organisations (DAOs, this includes entities as large as, or even larger than nation-states, social networks, etc.). Other examples include crowdsales, reducing transaction costs for existing business models and making other business models economically viable (so called sharing economy business models are particularly ripe for destruction, since no third party is needed, just a smart contract), local electricity trading, prediction markets, labour/recruitment/freelance markets, and asset titles (such as land titles) or tokenization.

How do you buy Eth, the currency of Ethereum? While step 1 is tailored for Australia, it can be adapted to any country that has a bitcoin exchange. Steps 2 and 3 are non-location specific.

  1. Convert AUD to Bitcoin (BTC) via an exchange like Coinjar. I researched a few others like Coinspot, but found that Coinjar has the lowest relative exchange fee. The exchange will screen you when you apply, e.g. providing ID.
  2. Create an Ethereum Wallet like MyEtherWallet.
  3. Convert BTC to Ethereum (ETH) via a cryptocurrency exchange like Shapeshift. Copy and paste the bitcoin address in Coinjar by signing in (if you aren’t already) and going to Accounts > Everyday Bitcoin > View address. Put this address as the refundable address. Copy and paste the address from MyEtherWallet. Put this as the destination address. Tick the box to save the destination address for future payments.

I just finished doing this process.

I also sent an email to Coinjar to suggest that they develop functionality for purchasing ETH directly using AUD. You can do the same with the exchange if your choice.


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Open Opal data offers valuable insights for planners and developers

The number of public transport trips being taken in Sydney has been grossly underestimated, analysis of Opal card data has found.A team from the University of Technology Sydney’s Institute for Sustainable Futures has been working …

Source: Open Opal data offers valuable insights for planners and developers

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To get the ‘good debt’ tick, infrastructure needs to be fit for the future

If infrastructure is to meet the needs and challenges of an uncertain future, we need to move beyond the AAA ratings mindset and aim for net-positive social and ecological outcomes as well.

Source: To get the ‘good debt’ tick, infrastructure needs to be fit for the future

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The incredible shrinking Malcolm gets even smaller spouting ‘Australian values’ | Greg Jericho | Australia news | The Guardian

How woeful.

When this articulate man starts to jibber and cling to feeble logic you know the game’s over – and Peter Dutton is looming

Source: The incredible shrinking Malcolm gets even smaller spouting ‘Australian values’ | Greg Jericho | Australia news | The Guardian

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Adjustable sit-stand desk

I have been using an adjustable sit-stand desk at work and liked it so much that I decided to buy one to use at home too! The desk raises up and down more easily than the one at work. It took a bit more time to set up, but I expect that will  insignificant compared to the amount of time spent using it. The black colour of this one matches my computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse. 

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Office air conditioning

In my office building, the air conditioning needs to be smarter, as it is always colder than it needs to be, probably so that people can wear a suit and not be too hot (which is wasteful and unnecessary). Our office is on the south side of a storey, the bathrooms and fire stairways are on a side that is adjacent to a neighbouring tower (which is good design as this side is shaded), another office is on the east side (which is also shaded by an adjacent tower), and another office is on the north side. Naturally, the north side gets more heat from the sun.

I have asked the building manager to increase the temperature setpoint, and it may be warmer for a while, but then it will get colder again.